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Webmasters: Jaya and Dawn

Other site staff, including forum admins and moderators, can be reached through the forum or via any of our social networks. If you wish to submit fanart to be posted on the site, please use the appropriate address, fanart@bridgetothestars.net.

Questions about the site

-What is BridgeToTheStars.net?
- Who runs this site?
- Do you make any money from the site?
- What can I find on BridgeToTheStars.net?
-Can I help contribute to the site?
- What do all the abbreviations mean?
- Can you give me Philip Pullman’s e-mail address?

-What is BridgeToTheStars.net?
BridgeToTheStars.Net was founded in August 2001 as Bridge Through The Aurora, by a young hopeful named Tristan. At the time, there were few fan sites for the His Dark Materials trilogy, and the website provided a place for fans (and new readers) to get up-to-date news, reviews and information, discuss the books, and create a community. Since then, Bridge To The Stars (BTTS) has grown into one of the largest HDM fan sites on the internet, and it continues to be run and maintained by fans. As of January 2011, the site webmasters are Dawn and Jaya.

This community looks to provide for the varied interests and talents of our diverse members. For discussion of everything from the metaphysical aspects of daemons to Pullman’s new haircut, the site includes a forum and chat. The work of many creative fans has led to a collection of fanfiction, fan art, and essays. For those who haven’t yet read or finished the HDM trilogy, we provide summaries, character info, and even classroom resources.

With your help, this site will continue to develop, constantly changing to better serve the growing number of His Dark Materials and Philip Pullman fans. Our most sincere thanks for taking the time to visit us - hopefully we have provided what you were looking for.

-Who runs this site?
BridgeToTheStars.net continues to be run and maintained by fans of His Dark Materials and Philip Pullman. The current Webmasters are Dawn and Jaya, whom you can contact at webmaster@bridgetothestars.net. As always, there are many other dedicated fans helping in updating the content, moderating the forums, proofreading, and otherwise helping to make this site the best that it can be. If you’d like to help us, do contact us!

-Do you make any money from the site?
It goes without saying that it costs money to keep the site running, and to bring you all our delightful monthly contests. The site does make some money via the Amazon Affiliates programme (if you click an Amazon link through our site and go on to buy something, BridgeToTheStars.net gets a small percentage of the profits) and you can also donate to us. Any money we do get through these means goes back into maintaining the site. If you’d like to help us out, check out the items listed here or donate:

-What can I find on BridgeToTheStars.net?
There’s so much to explore on this site! Browse around and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you don’t, let us know! Below are a few of the most popular parts of BTTS:

About the Books: You can read summaries, reviews, and excerpts on BTTS of the His Dark Materials trilogy and its companion books. For more detailed discussion, visit...

The Republic of Heaven: Our forums! A diverse community of fans always looking for new voices, discussing everything about the trilogy, the author, the movies, or just general chit-chat. Stop by, introduce yourself, and join the discussion!

The Adaptations Section: This section has information on The Golden Compass film, the His Dark Materials Stage Play, the Radio Play and the Audio Books.

The Coverart Gallery: Ever wondered what The Golden Compass/Northern Lights is in Italian? Or looking for the Chinese version of The Amber Spyglass? Well maybe not, but if you want to know what the trilogy looks like elsewhere, BTTS brings you the largest online collection of His Dark Materials coverart, to peruse at your pleasure!

The Wiki: Currently our Wiki is down for refurbishment, but we’ll let you know when it’s back up and running!

-Can I help contribute to the site?
Yes! If you’d like to write for us, provide information, or just help maintain BridgeToTheStars.net then let us know by contacting us! You can also help us by donating.

-What do all the abbreviations mean?
BridgeToTheStars.net, and most HDM sites, use the following abbreviations:

HDM - His Dark Materials
TGC - The Golden Compass
NL - Northern Lights (sometimes 'New Line'. See context clues)
TSK - The Subtle Knife
TAS - The Amber Spyglass
LO – Lyra’s Oxford
OUATITN – Once Upon A Time In The North

PP - Philip Pullman

L-World – Lyra’s World
W-World – Will’s World (our world)
M-World – Mulefa World

BTTS – Bridge To The Stars
TROH – The Republic of Heaven

-Can you give me Philip Pullman’s e-mail address?
You can contact Philip Pullman via his agents or publishers. You can find their contact details .

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