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Many strange aspects of His Dark Materials are based not in fantasy, but in modern day science; such as dark matter and the existence of parallel universes. This page will hopefully provide some information on those topics not fully covered on the site; compiled below is a list of sites about these topics. If you have a suggestion for a different topic, or a different website covering an existing one, then please e-mail us. You may also like to write a page on one of these to be incorporated into this section.

Parallel Universes

BBC Science: Parallel Universes
Excerpt from "Parallel Universes" by Fred Alan Wolf
Scientific American: Parallel Universes

Dark Matter

Dark Matter, Cosmology, and Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
An Examination of Dark Matter
Dark Matter Mystery
Dark Matter

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

How Stuff Works: Aurora Borealis
The Aurora Borealis Page


(how the lodestone resonator works)
'Spooky action at a distance'
Quantum entanglement: Going large
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