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Always wondered just what Philip Pullman was thinking? Perhaps some of these interviews with the author himself can help.

· Philip Pullman Answers Your Questions (Cheltenham Festival of Literature)
· Book Circle's Interview with Philip Pullman
· Bloc-Online.com's Interview with Philip Pullman
· Reading Stars Interview with Philip Pullman (LiteracyTrust.org.uk)
· Philip Pullman: Storyteller (Audio)
· Barnes and Noble.com Interview
· The Story Master
· Pullmeister RAQ
· Readers and Writers Video clips
· Pullman on BBC's Open Book Radio Program
· BBC Book Club Interview
· BBC Radio Interview- Pullman's Beliefs (Relevant content begins at 6:50.)
· BBC Newsround (audio & text)
· CLC Pullman Interview
· Interview at The Gothenburg Book Fair (by a Sraffie)
· avnet.co.uk's Pullman Interview
· teenreads.com's Pullman Bio and Interview
· Readerville Interview
· Young Writer Pullman Interview
· 'There has to be a lot of ignorance in me when I start a story'
· Heat and Dust
· Driven by Daemons
· Are You There God? It's Me- Philip Pullman
· Fish.co.uk's Pullman Interview
· Dreaming of Spires
· Achuka Interview
· Darkness Visible: Amazon.com Interview
· Philip Pullman Reaches the Garden: Powells.com Interview
· Carnegie Medal Acceptance Speech
· Pullman at the 2002 Guardian Hay Festival


· Philip Pullman, Writer of Stories
· Philip Pullman's Secular Faith
· Author puts Bible Belt to the test

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