The Map

The progress of Lyra and Will's travels throughout the trilogy is somewhat hard to keep track of- the main trouble comes from the fact that the worlds through which they travel have shifted, so that in Lyra's World, Svalbard, in the far north, is equal to the Italian Riveria in the world of Cittagazze, and equal to Oxford in Will's world. Since we know that these three regions correspond to each other, I was able to create the following map covering the journey during the course of the trilogy. Three worlds are shown on the map: Will's World, Lyra's World, and Cittagazze. Obviously there are other worlds that they go through, like the Mulefa world, but geographical/political features aren't noted on those worlds, so we have to guess in relation to their reappearances in the other worlds. For our purposes, the other worlds they go through are shown on the Cittagazze map. The Journey itself is color coded by stages, and the key is as follows:

Book One: From Lyra's Oxford to Lyra's Svalbard
Book Two: Coulter kidnaps Lyra and takes her through Cittagazze to a window back into their own world
Between Books/Book Three: Coulter takes Lyra to the Himalayan Valley/Will follows
Book Three: The journey through the World of the Dead, Battle on the Plain, and the Mulefa World
Book Three: Gyptians take Lyra and Will from Mulefa World back to Cittagazze
Book Three, Not Told: Lyra and the Gyptians sail back to their own Oxford

There are four maps. The overview map (below) shows the three worlds on top of each other, with their colors as: Will's World, Lyra's World, and Cittagazze. To see each world individually, with that world's outline and the travels that took place in it highlighted, click on the following names:

Lyra's World, Will's World, Cittagazze/Other

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