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In addition to trading cards, Inkworks have also produced "Pieceworks" cards for The Golden Compass. These cards feature fabric that was used in the creation of the film's costumes: for example, Lord Asriel's Tweed Jacket, or Mr. Coulter's Cocktail Dress. You can view all 11 here - click any to enlarge greatly. They are:

PW1 - Lord Asriel's Suit
PW2 - Dual Swatch - Mrs. Coulter's Dinner Dress
PW3 - Lyra's Blue Dress
PW4 - Serafina's Dress
PW5 - Mrs. Coulter's Cocktail Dress
PW6 - Mrs. Coulter's Capelet
PW7 - Lord Asriel's Tweed Jacket
PW8 - Lyra's Arctic Coat
PW9 - Lyra's Best Dress
PW10 - Farder Coram's Coat
PW11 - Fra Pavel's Coat

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