Wintery December Contest
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It’s that time of month again! And in fact, that time of year, when we’re about to spread some wintery cheer.  This December, we have this stunning giclee print of this cover of The Golden Compass, given to us by cover artist Eric Rohmann. It’s one of a limited edition of 300 and measures approximately 61 x 41cm (24 x 16 inches). Read on to see how to win it in this month’s contest…

All you have to do to enter our December contest is answer the following question:

What name did Iorek Byrnison give Lyra?

Send your entry in to us at, with the subject line “December Contest” by 11:59pm GMT on the 26th of December. We’ll pick one lucky winner from the correct answers to win this great prize! This contest is open to everyone, good luck!

Eric Rohmann is an author and illustrator of books for young readers. You can check out more of his work on his website. And if you don’t win the contest, you can buy this limited edition print for $275.00, plus shipping and handling.

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12 Responses to Wintery December Contest

  1. Derek Balaam says:

    Silvertongue — he thought it was impossible to trick a bear

  2. olene mccoy says:


  3. Jaya says:

    Send your entry in to if you want a chance to win!

  4. Martha Campbell says:

    Silver Tongue

  5. Robert Weaver says:


  6. Barbara Butler says:


  7. Angee Bartlett says:


  8. Angela Rose-Bartlett says:


  9. Bettye Short says:

    Silvertongue(He thought it was impossible to trick a bear).

  10. Thomas marxo, Jr. says:

    Silvertounge is the name he gave to Lyra. Thank you for the contests