Pullman’s Fairy Tales
Posted on by Bethan

Philip Pullman has revealed to BridgeToTheStars his new project: a retelling of some of the tales of the Brothers Grimm. “This isn’t a book for children only,” he shared with us. “I’m telling the best of the tales in my own voice, and I’m finding it a great purifier of narrative thinking, rather as a pianist relishes playing Bach’s preludes and fugues as a sort of palate-cleansing discipline.”

In the past Pullman has mentioned the Grimm’s Fairy Tales as one of the books that have made the most difference to his life.

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3 Responses to Pullman’s Fairy Tales

  1. Balthamos says:

    Sounds like an interesting project. I hope it’s done in the style of Clockwork, I loved the way he talked directly to the reader and added those little footnotes… I’m sure we can expect more than a simple re-telling.

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