Philip Pullman’s “Grimm Tales: For Young and Old” set for September 6th publication
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Penguin Classics has confirmed that they will be publishing Pullman’s take on the Grimm fairy tales on the 6th of September this year, with the title Grimm Tales: For Young and Old. A year ago, BTTS exclusively revealed that Philip Pullman’s was working on the adaptation of a number of the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm.  Pullman told BTTS last year that his retelling would not just be for children, and that:

“I’m telling the best of the tales in my own voice, and I’m finding it a great purifier of narrative thinking, rather as a pianist relishes playing Bach’s preludes and fugues as a sort of palate-cleansing discipline.”

It has now been revealed that the book will feature Pullman’s 50 favourite tales including Rapunzel, Snow White and Cinderella, but also lesser known tales including The Three Snake Leaves, Hans-my-hedgehog, and Godfather Death. Pullman has said his favourite Grimm Tale is The Juniper Tree. The book will also include analysis of each tale, and an introduction discussing the legacy of Grimms’ Fairy Tales and no doubt the influence they have had on Philip Pullman’s own writing.

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2 Responses to Philip Pullman’s “Grimm Tales: For Young and Old” set for September 6th publication

  1. Balthamos says:

    New books by J.K. Rowling and Philip Pullman? 2012 turns out better than expected.

    I love Grimms’ Fairy Tales (well, who doesn’t) and I can’t wait to read Philip Pullman’s adaptions. But seriously, “The Juniper Tree” is his favorite? That’s some pretty dark stuff, but somehow this doesn’t even come unexpected.

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