John Blake film script being written
Posted on by Bethan

Philip Pullman is hard at work adapting his comic The Adventures of John Blake into a film script. The comic, illustrated by John Aggs, was only half-published when the comic anthology it appeared in, the David Fickling Comic (The DFC), fell victim to the recession and had to cease publication.

He told, “I’ve been busy turning that into a film script, and I’m now in the middle of the second draft of that. I’m very pleased with John Blake; I hope that Sraffies and others will enjoy it too.”

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4 Responses to John Blake film script being written

  1. Eel says:

    I know I’m going to love this one……..despite that I’ve never been able to see more than a few pages of that comic online. I sure would love to get those, if I could.

  2. jessia says:

    Did he really refer to us as Sraffies? That’s awesome!