His Dark Materials on your iPhone
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ScrollMotion, a mobile phone application developer company, has reached a deal with major publishers to allow it to deliver e-books to your iPhone. As random house were one of the publishers involved in the deal, the His Dark Materials trilogy will be available for download. Each book downloaded is saved on the phone as a separate application and will keep the same page numbering as the original book, while still allowing the user easy navigation with zooming and scrolling. See the whole story at wired.com

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4 Responses to His Dark Materials on your iPhone

  1. Serafina-tikklya says:

    Now all I need is the Iphone…

  2. ChristyM says:

    Awesome! Now I can read HDM at school instead of doing what i’m supposed to be doing!

  3. Skye says:


    Of the former, the Philip Pullman series in which he played Lord Asriel, he says: “I can’t see there being one at the moment. Warner Bros have the rights to it. It’s a shame, I’d have liked to do another – it’s quite sad really.

    “It just didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. But I’m not the one who gets to make those kind of decisions.”

  4. Gaith says:

    … But what about an iLeithiometer?

    Moot point; I don’t own an iPhone/Touch. ;-P