Hear Kate Bush’s ‘Lyra’
Posted on by Will

BBC Radio 6 played last night Kate Bush’s song Lyra, which is to be played over the end-credits of The Golden Compass. You can listen to the song at the BBC (44 mins 20 seconds in), or right here:

Kate Bush – Lyra (download)

Thanks to Kate Bush News. Here’s the lyrics for the song too:

Where are our lives
If there is no dream
Where is our home

We don’t know how
There will be a way
Out of this storm
We will find home

And her soul walks beside her
An army stands behind her
Lyra, Lyra

And her face full of grace
Two worlds collide around her
The truth lies deep inside her
Lyra, Lyra

And the stars look down upon her
This darkness settles on her
Lyra, Lyra

Who’s to know what’s in the future
We hope we will be with her
We have all our love to give her
O Lyra, Lyra

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82 Responses to Hear Kate Bush’s ‘Lyra’

  1. Epona says:

    Beautiful voice, bad lyrics.

  2. LizetM says:

    Me don’t like it. 😛

    It doesn’t grab me as Annie Lennox’s “Into the West Did”, now that’s a song!

  3. LizetM says:

    Sorry, its “Into the West” ….added the ‘did’ in there. Stupid me. 😛

  4. jamie blue says:

    i can’t believe u r all bitchin about kate bush she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazin! i must admit the song isn’t her gr8est but it’s still good… well much better than something coldplay, enya or friggin avril bloody whateva cud hav thrown 2getha! yayyyyyyyyyyy i luv it!

  5. Livvy says:

    I am very sorry to say but I really am not a big fan of this song…. it really sucks and is very boring….

    nah, I mean it is sorta ok except for the ‘face is full of grace’ line, that just annoyed the hell out of me… and WAY to repetative…

    And I agree coldplay was totally wrong!!! I have to admit that I like ‘Nobody’s Home’ by Avril Lavigne but I HATE girlfriend *does fake straggaling* Arrggg!!!! It ranks along with ‘Umbrella’ as one of the worst songs in history 🙁

  6. daemon_light says:

    jamie blue… enya bad? You joking right?

  7. DougieG says:

    I find it to be gorgeous. Kate delivers such an impact of emotion with how the song was written and sang. The 12 piece boys choir from Oxford only add to this haunting track. I can’t understand how and why so many expect a rocker of a track for a motion picture. I’ll be many of you on this board have never even heard her music before. Give the album “The Dreaming” a try, or “Never for Ever.” There are many copy cats out there as musicians, but there is only one Kate Bush. Beautiful.

  8. Newk says:

    I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sneak preview, and believe me, this song is a zillion times better on a theatre’s surround sound system than it is on a little MP3 coming out of your tinny computer speakers.

    Bush has a rich and beautiful voice and several people who were on their way out of the theatre during the credits came back in to listen to the song. The song sounds like it’s about to build up to some great crescendo – but doesn’t quite release all that energy … a bit like Lyra who is only a child, but rather a fresh one who contains the potential to tip the balance of all worlds one way or the other. At this point in the story her time hasn’t come yet.

    Those simple lyrics tell Lyra’s whole story, the Grace with which she is able to read the alethiometer, the people who accept her leadership… look at them again more closely.

    I am quite happy to have a song that is this subtle and beautiful and directly related to the movie instead of just another predictable ho-hum rock anthem.


  9. cathy tolkien says:

    cant believe Kate Bush fans cant aprciate this song its beautiful as is the film

  10. Logan says:

    Beautiful!!! a spectacular ending to a great movie. I didn’t know that it was going to be Kate, I just love her.

  11. Noelle says:

    I think this song was soothing and somewhat captivating when I heard it in the cinema but the version they have on the ost is a little disappointing.

  12. Steve says:

    This track is completely awful. The lyrics sounds as if they were written by a child, and the only thing that comes close to saving it is the choir in the background (Magdalene College Oxford i think). Sounds as if zero thought went into it, and it ruined the end of the film for me. The producers had a beautiful and exciting orchestral score at their disposal, how did this rubbish get past so many trial screenings without someone saying its awful??? complete rubbish

  13. Steve says:

    oh and Newk, no need to go back and look at the lyrics for “meaning”, its like she took keywords from the film and forced them into lines that rhymed with lyra. If you think these are good then i suggest you actually listen to some music. Just awful…..

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  15. Kayne Archeron says:

    the lyrics might be a bit simple, but if you ever read the books the tune would be hauntingly reminiscent of the end of Amber Spyglass

  16. amordi says:

    What are you all on about? Coldplay? Imogen Heap? That’s completely retarded, KB is perfect. Just like the song, it’s pretty and ambient and suits the movie so well.

    Greg, are you being dim for the sake of it? How can you say it doesn’t fit when you haven’t even SEEN the movie? Don’t talk about things you have no idea about please. D:

    Stop complaining. You’re a bunch of irritating whiners.

  17. amee says:

    i really like this song, its lyrics are repetative but deep

  18. dave says:

    As rightly said someone,it is not the lead single of one of KB album. So for the credits of a fantasy movie it’s good enough.

    Let’s not forget one thing this song doesn’t change the reputation (and a deserved one) of this attractive,talented and incredible woman. For those who would make the mistake to judge her through this sample, buy one of her albums (preferably an 1980-1985 one) and discover one of the most stunning voices and talent of rock’s history.

  19. B S says:

    Why is everyone so serious. I was pleasantly to here the song at the end of the film and loved it. I new it was her from the fist note. Kate’s unique moving moody beautiful voice is great. The quality of her voice is superb and many artists are well influenced by her and consider her a rock goddess check out the cover versions.
    The lyrics are simple but effective and again suit the film. I personally don’t like modern bands doing theme tunes to films set in the past or fantasy films. It just doesn’t go. Stick to James Bond.

  20. Kat says:

    At first, I didn’t really like it… But it DOES grow on you. Something about it is quite haunting, although I laughed in the theater when the credits first came up. Kate Bush’s voice is very distinctive, and personally – I love her sound. The Lyra over and over again…was what got me. But in another way, that makes it almost meditative.

  21. Sven and Zoe says:

    The song is beautiful and really reflects the feel of the movie. The song is bigger then the movie itself my dear critics. I am sorry to hear any bad feedback on this. This stuff is obviously to deep for some of you….! Nevermind. We love you Kate Bush. You are one of the brightest stars in this universe. xxx

  22. Hans says:

    Well- thought it was very mysterious and reflects the story perfectly. Good on ya Kate!

  23. CrAcKeDuP says:

    Listen to this song in much higher quality. Absolutely beautful.

  24. Mikey says:

    Seeing as Kate had only 10 days to write and record the song, I think she did bloody well. It is a lovely piece of music and perfect for the end credits.

  25. Angell says:

    What can I say? I’ve been a Kate fan for – er, 30+ years, and didn’t happen upon this track until today when a friend emailed me about it.
    The 30+ year thing doesn’t make me any kind of great authority and I certainly DON’T love everything she does – but I think this track is beautiful. I haven’t seen the film – yet – or read the books, but I do think it’s a beautifully produced piece of music. And of course her utterly unique voice would sound divine reading a telephone directory.
    Not sure what I’m trying to say really but, for all of you critics, please do immediately buy The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never for Ever, The Dreaming, The Sensual World (don’t bother with The Red Shoes), Hounds of Love & Aerial. She’s an awesome songwriter & performer. Anyone just discovering her through Lyra please buy and listen. And enjoy!!

  26. reishikun says:

    It sounds good.

  27. Lyra says:

    Love the film! Hate the song. The song was really just to slow for me, i think it could have been better than that!!!

  28. Gery says:

    Song & Kate are the perfect choice for this film! This said, WOW please try read between the lines of this production ! what a message for our children and yes we adults to! …mymindtwist.com…best regards, Gery

  29. Anna says:

    It’s not amazing but it suits the mood I think. It’s pensive and mysterious.

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