Golden Compass Visit Footage!
Posted on by visited The Golden Compass set back in January and now we’ve got hold of some footage from the event to share with you all. There’s four clips in all. The first features the movie’s producer, Deborah Forte, speaking about her passion for the book and conviction that it will make a cracking film. The second is some rolling footage of what was on display on the day: concept art of Iorek Byrnison, Ragnar Sturlusson and the North; costumes of people in Lyra’s world, finishing with a look at Serafina Pekkala’s dark purple dress. The third clip features one of the film’s designer talking through some storyboard visualisation, with a preview of some of the computer graphics work – all unfinished at this stage. The fourth and last video shows Eva Green’s stunt-double whizzing around on an elaborate winch produced to capture film for the flight scenes. The first video is embedded below so you can start viewing right away. Enjoy!

Click here to view The Golden Compass set visit footage!

New: View high-res screencaps of the footage.

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19 Responses to Golden Compass Visit Footage!

  1. Heather says:

    I spot you! I win teh hug ^_^

  2. Jammer says:

    What a tease!

  3. Mapthestars says:

    Love this video, thanks guys! I feel good about the way they are doing Iorek. Heather- do you mean Will or someone else on this site was there? (was it the person on the wires.

  4. Mr Anderson says:

    Well that just blew me away.

  5. jessia says:

    there probably shouldn’t be any mixing up of the stunt volunteer with any btts webmasters… excellent stuff will.

  6. mysterygal says:

    wow….i speachless….(in a good way)

  7. drew says:

    that third video is so pretty!! the flying looks like it is going to so amazing. and i believe it looked like she was shooting off some arrows. very nice footage!! 🙂

  8. mysterygal says:

    those graphics are amazing!!!!!!!!its SO lifelike!god.i seriozly cant stand the tesion

  9. Oreo says:

    wow…. that armor is amazing!!!!!

  10. drama queen says:

    i can’t wait for the trailer………… my friends will need something to shut me up when the trailer comes out lol…………
    they are teasing us…….. :'( why cant they just show a clip of the film that they have completed…………..

  11. Domenico says:

    Great clips – but I think the iron, horned armor shown at the beginning of the second clip is not Iorek’s but Iofur/Ragnar’s…Iorek has always beeen shown wearing the gold-rust colored armor we can see in the third clip…check out that concept art with Lyra riding Yorek.
    Does anyone else think so?

  12. Yokata says:

    Marvelous footage! Thamk you for sharing it with us. After viewing these I am convinced that the movie is going to be amazing.

  13. Sam says:

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!! This all looks fantastic and has made me so excited for next Nov.!!!

    Sorry for the overusage of exclaimation points, but I’m just so happy. 🙂

  14. Luke says:

    Sam, I think you mean December! ; )

  15. i love itt!
    specially the third videoo!


    i love the new layout btw! *w*

  16. silvertongue says:


    i cant say anything !! im just soooo exicted … !!!!

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