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Attention UK Sraffies!
Posted on by Bethan

The Golden Compass is being shown by Channel Four tomorrow night at 5.55 PM. You can find the RadioTimes page for the film showing here. You can also discuss the movie at our Adaptions Forum.

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The Golden Compass Original Script Now Available
Posted on by Bethan

Our compatriots over at HisDarkMaterials.Org have unearthed Chris Weitz’ original script for the Golden Compass Movie. It differs from the actual movie in many ways, and is a far more accurate adaption of the books that we all love.

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The Golden Compass Movie: Recut Ending
Posted on by Jaya

One of our Sraffies, Energy, has been working on scenes cut from the Golden Compass movie and trying to rebuild the film that director Chris Weitz originally intended. While the fanedit is available to watch on YouTube, you will be … Continue reading

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Pullman blames CGI for lack of movie success
Posted on by Bethan

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Philip Pullman comments on the use of CGI as a possible reason for the failures of many film adaptions of fantasy books. “We don’t believe it any more.” He said. “Or we know … Continue reading

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Chris Weitz expresses disappointment with The Golden Compass film
Posted on by Aletheia Dolorosa

In a recent interview in The Telegraph about the upcoming New Moon film, The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz speaks out about studio interference in his adaptation of Philip Pullman’s book. “All I can say is that with The Golden … Continue reading

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