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New Affiliate – The Fandom
Posted on by Jaya

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! This Boxing Day, we’re happy to announce the launch of new site, The Fandom. The Fandom is a multi-fandom website where individuals can come together to celebrate all the fandoms they enjoy in … Continue reading

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The Golden Compass Movie: Recut Ending
Posted on by Jaya

One of our Sraffies, Energy, has been working on scenes cut from the Golden Compass movie and trying to rebuild the film that director Chris Weitz originally intended. While the fanedit is available to watch on YouTube, you will be … Continue reading

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His Dark Materials MUCK now online
Posted on by Will

Daemon MUCK, a text-based His Dark Materials role-playing game is now online. The game is set in Lyra’s world a couple of generations before the events of The Golden Compass. You can create your own character and, with your daemon, … Continue reading

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Fanart is back
Posted on by Will

As some of you may have noticed, the Fanart section of the site hasn’t been updated for quite some time. We sincerely apologise to everyone who sent in art during this period, but the problems have now been fixed. If … Continue reading

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Lyra & Iorek Miniatures
Posted on by Will

Italian His Dark Materials fan Luca sends over these rather cute miniatures of the Golden Compass characters as they are in the film (click thumbnails for larger photos). Those hoping to get their hands on them will have to be … Continue reading

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