Daniel Craig Speaks to The Observer
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Daniel Craig, the man cast to play Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass movie, is interviewed at length in today's [link=http://observer.guardian.co.uk/]Observer[/link]. He speaks about the effects his last film Casino Royale have had him, but also looks forward to the three films that are to be released next year. We learn amongst other things why our first pictures of Craig as Asriel saw him sporting a beard. Perhaps more importantly for many fans, Craig is apparently keen to ensure that the films are not “watered down” and he has spoken to Philip Pullman “at length”. You can read the article [link=http://observer.guardian.co.uk/magazine/story/0,,1980421,00.html]here[/link], or of course if you're able to, you can go out and buy your own copy of The Observer.

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12 Responses to Daniel Craig Speaks to The Observer

  1. UrsaeMajoris says:

    [quote="Daniel Craig"]I grew it for the [b]beginning[/b] of the film because Asriel is holed up in a prison cell[/quote]
    Does this mean at the beginning of filming or at the beginning of the film itself? I hope it only means the first, otherwise that means their making major changes from the book.

  2. Adiam21 says:

    May be I was reading the wrong books??When Asriel was in a prison cell??Why he can dye his hair for that other movie but not for HDM??

  3. UrsaeMajoris says:

    He spent most of NL imprisoned on Savlbard, but not in a cell it was in a house guarded by panserbjørne.

  4. Adiam21 says:

    Yeah,right,thank you :smile:. *shame* But may be I forgot because it was in a house,but,now I can remember,first he was in a cell,right?

  5. Lizzietiffon01 says:

    Craig is a gr8 guy.

    Does every1 have to analyse every tiny little thing the actors say ofhandedly?
    Make it seem like the end of the world! Anyway, Asriel was in a cell at first, but then he complained so they moved him to a house. i think. Looks like he'll do just amazing anyway!

  6. jammer says:

    you all have to remember that films are shot out of order. The beginning of the shoot probably had scenes from when he was in prison. nothing to worry about, I'm sure. And I personally really don't care if he has a beard or not.

  7. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    I recommend you all read the books again. It's stated quite clearly that Asriel was held in a dingy cell at first, but he complained that it was not fit for a lord and conned his way into getting a nice house with all the luxuries one could want. Seriously, do the complainers actually READ? And do not for one second expect the film to follow the books word for word, paragraph for paragraph, page for page. Film is an entirely different species of storytelling to books. So dispel your expectations and keep an open mind when going to see the film, you'll enjoy it a whole lot more. Learn from the mistakes of Tolkein purists. 😉

  8. g says:

    to my memory, the character of Lord Asriel occupies very little of the story in the first 2 books… am I correct in remembering that. He's talked about a lot, but (in GC) is only seen in the beginning at Jordon College, then in the very last scene on Svalbard… I wonder how much "pumping up" of his story line they are going to do to this story. Mrs Coulter's too, for that matter. though she does command considerable more time than Lord Asriel in the book

  9. abz says:

    BOO!!!!!!!!!!! :crying: :angry: 🙁
    BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO!!!!!!!!!!
    have u ever tried sayin lagoon over and over
    lagoob lagoon lagoon lagoon lagoon

  10. d says:

    abz, calm down…. if u r exsited about the film like i am then do a lil dance….any way well lord thingy would hav a beard becuase he is in prison and maybe they did not hav a chance to shave…. he would hav a chance to shave on savlebad….

  11. aklebury says:

    He also had the beard in the promotional stills in the retiring room at Jordon though?

    I presumed he was talking about the second and third film (assuming they happen) – when Asriel is building his republic