Much Riding on Compass for New Line
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The Golden Compass is a very important film for New Line, who the Hollywood Reporter say have been “idling” at the box-office since 2003's Return of the King. The movie company have been circulating a booklet extolling the virtues of the first His Dark Materials film a year before its release – “The intention is to tell the world that next year, next Christmas, a major blockbuster from New Line is arriving at a screen near you,” said the marketing president. “It wasn't geared to the awards season. If it happens, that would be nice.” Read more.

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29 Responses to Much Riding on Compass for New Line

  1. will2 says:

    Is there any site where we can see the booklet? I would love to take a look!!!! 🙂

  2. Myévam says:

    I'd like to know that too . . .

  3. Reedie_Belacqua says:

    Me three ._.
    go~~~~d,i cannot wait T^T ♥

  4. Jennifer says:

    It's nice to see that New Line is actually caring about this project.

    What caught my eye most was the part where they said that a similar approach was used for LOTR and we all know how that masterpiece turnded out.

    Lets hope the same goes for this.

  5. Gordon says:

    wasn't King Kong released at the end of 2005?

  6. IanG says:

    I imagine they care Jennifer, because they're hoping that they'll make an awful lot of money from it 🙂

  7. Skye says:

    Yes, that's right, Gordon.
    I was thinking to myself, "Four years ago? Surely that's not right." And… It isn't.

  8. Hikariness says:

    Being tipped as the next LOTR actually worries me… LOTR was a wonderful film precisely because it didn't try to emulate previous films too much. It took on a life of its own. HDM has so many wonderful qualities of its own that I hope they can be allowed to shine through without other business related concerns affecting it too much..

  9. jesssia says:

    will the fansites be getting their hands on these? *ahem*

  10. Lee_Scoresby says:

    so everyone knows that the site has Fra Pavel as a villain… anyone think that possibly hes the one LA kills at the end instead of Roger

    or a theory even more out there… perhaps in TSK and TAS Will will be replaced by Roger
    highly doubt it… but they must have made Fra Pavel bad for a reason!

  11. abz says:

    well roger has to be killed at the end because he has to be at the land of the dead in the golden compass and also if he lived he would be stuck with Lyra in the whole of the trilogy!!!!!!!

  12. silversong says:

    And then, Lee, we'd have no link to our, Will's, world.

  13. Reedie_Belacqua says:

    Exactly =) so they can do that.

    but if they replaced Will by Roger, I'll kill. :wassat:

  14. Reedie_Belacqua says:

    can't ***

    sorry :wassat:

  15. Arya says:

    I hope they follow the book because its so good. If they dont it might turn out like Eragon, which didnt follow the book at all! and it was terrible.

  16. Alewyn says:

    completely off-topic question:
    when is sally lockhart airing?

  17. will2 says:

    If it's not faithful to the book then people will think they know it but they have only seen the movie! The only 2 things I'm not looking foward to about it becoming a movie are that, and it being commercialised – fast food outlets selling Lyra and Iorek action figures for example!

  18. yah says:

    wait wasn't fra pavel bad in the book? what are you going on about lee_scoresby

  19. vifetoile says:

    Holy macaroni! You talk like Philip Pullman hasn't personally approved the script! Relax!
    I think this film will be completely different in feel from LotR. Different director (Peter Jackson has a distinctive flair to his films), the producer, the very world which Lyra inhabits, all are different. Don't worry about what other people are going to think about the movie. We have no control over this, so just let it be. We'll accomplish nothing by worrying. We've a year to wait. Let it be.

  20. Phi says:

    Umm, hate to say this, but Kong was Universal, not New Line! And yeah, came out the end of 2005, someone needs to sort out their facts!

  21. Corsair of Umbar says:

    Unfortunately, I don't think the film will be a great success. Oh yes, I am sure we will all love it, give or take a few quibbles and changes from the novel. But HDM is not as well-known as Tolkien. The thing that Jackson and New Line had going for them was that the books had a huge fan base of all ages: new, young fans and people who first read the books in the sixties, all turned out to see the films.

    Even the Narnia books are more well-known than HDM. At least here in the U.S.

    I think when the film comes out a lot of the movie-going public won't know what to make of it and pass it up because they have never heard of it. Americans watch a lot of dumb movies, believe me.

    So, I think the film might recoup its cost, but I don't think it will be anywhere near the juggernaut that was LotR.

  22. Willl says:

    Phi – you're quite right; HR said 'King' and I read it as Kong, must be RotK instead.

  23. Dasha says:

    Meh, I wouldn't define success as "making as much money as the LOTR movies". I don't think New Line is that dumb. TGC has a good enough chance of making a profit, it just largely depends on New Line marketing it correctly. Kid-friendly movies almost always do extremely well when they are promoted early enough (more exposure). And most Americans don't read and still flock to movie adaptations of books they haven't heard of.

  24. Hikariness says:

    I actually don't think it's so bad if Fra Pavel tries to kill Lord Asriel. I can understand why they would change that – it would allow them to cut out explanation as to why the Master would want to do so, and early on identify the Church/Magisterium and Pavel as 'bad'. Quickens the pace for the big screen without complicating things too much.
    However tampering with things such as who Will is, or the ending scene would be horrific… the poison scene at the beginning is important not because it was the Master, but because it involves Lyra in the story, she overhears information and it shows that Asriel is a controversial character.

  25. Witch-girl says:

    Ah, they just had better not try to fuck this great new movie up in any way, ya'll–that's all I know! :wassat:

  26. situ says:

    I want to see the press material right now!!! Anybody knows haw to get this material?

  27. hadevirD says:

    well, i don't think we should compare HDM with LotR, Narnia, HP, etc… because the books from HP, LotR or Narnia only became 'really' famous after the movies came out! and HDM doesn't have a movie yet!
    unfortunatelly (sp?) the publicity around books it's not even close to be as good as publicity for movies, so we will have to wait for the movie to come out, and then we can say if it is as famous as the others…

  28. Mockingbird says:

    "well, i don't think we should compare HDM with LotR, Narnia, HP, etc… because the books from HP, LotR or Narnia only became 'really' famous after the movies came out!"

    …Did you really just say that? Hate to break it to you mate, but HP was made into movies because they were publishing phenomenons, and LOTR is the literary cornerstone of modern fantasy and Narnia, well, sucks, in my opinion, but its popularity was as strong as the other two's, long before the movies.

  29. hadevirD says:

    well, i speak for myself… i'm from Portugal, and I only know about what's going on here… so, what i said was what happened here in Portugal, and what probably happens in many other places, except for England, USA, etc