Newsweek speaks to Dakota Blue Richards
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“On an unseasonably warm day just south of the Arctic circle, the star of “The Golden Compass” flops into a chair near a snowdrift and braces herself for an onslaught of questions. She's bundled up, but since this is actually just a soundstage outside London—the Arctic will be digitally added later—she's shedding layers. She has been coached, surely, about how to handle this moment, but just in case, her mother sits beside her, and a publicist hovers nearby like a bee.” Read More

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25 Responses to Newsweek speaks to Dakota Blue Richards

  1. daemon_hadevir says:

    will this be on tv or what???? 🙂 :wassat: i'm so freakin excited! i wish i can see this on tv…

  2. Arya says:

    I wish i could see more, I cant wait!! :laughing:

  3. RachelJ says:

    Wow this it cool! I can't wait for more – especially the trailer! :tongue:

  4. situ says:

    Yes!! I want more… I want a trailer (at least a teaser) now!!!

  5. ? says:

    moo! i am so excited! :laughing:

  6. silversong says:

    According to the the reporter, she sounds like she has the pluck to be Lyra. Good luck, DBR!

  7. glittercloud says:

    snoopy dance she sounds adorable! ha she's english like me….that's the only connection i have. i wanted to audition but my dad hates child stars so he said NO

  8. Justin says:

    She's a Brightonian? Woooo!

  9. Alewyn says:

    er…it didn't give much of the actual interview…confusion.

  10. Aurora says:

    "Then I screamed a lot," Richards says, "and I did the Snoopy dance."

    Ohmygosh that is UTTERLY ADORABLE! =D Yay, she sounds wonderful and I am totally cannot wait for the movie! Or at least the trailer!


  11. Rik says:

    Did this guy really steal Philip Pullman's October message openening sentence?

    "On an unseasonably, uncomfortably, unnaturally warm day in mid-October I sit here…"

    "On an unseasonably warm day just south of the Arctic circle, the star of "The Golden Compass" flops into a chair…"

    That's sorta lame.

  12. rosi poisi dancer says:

    well i wish that it was a live interview, i am keeping my eyes glued to newsround when it comes on. they will do a live interview and then we will know the truth

  13. Rin says:

    i wish they had more of the interview!!!

  14. dance_girl says:

    she sounds good!! (maybe… i'm not quite sure yet…) yea, she does sound like she has the spunkyness for the part and the enegery. we'll just see if she has the barbarian-ness for the part. i'm really excited! (as long as they don't ruin it.)

  15. RachelJ says:

    The snoppy thing sounds soooo cute (even though I'm like only 2 yrs older than her lol)

  16. mogglemoose says:

    owww… she's exactly like me lol! I reached the last stage of auditions but didn't get the part :crying: neway, she looks quite good!

  17. MaxRide says:

    wow she reallly had no previous experience? that's amazing. and she seems nice, not too fake (cough dakotafanning). she should do a good job. HOPEFULLY 🙂

  18. midge says:

    hiya mogglemoose, my best friend almost got to the final round but she dropped out of the auditions!!!!! i thought that she had a very good chance but then she told me that she dropped out!!!! i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!
    my mate spends all of her time going round town letting her dog stael all of the fishermens sandwiches and anoying the market people. she comes from cambridge by the way. she is on one of the message boards but then she stopped going on it…
    i think dakota is a good lyra, Dakota is brave (unlike D.Q)

  19. Lucy K says:

    They make her out to be all sugar-coated ugh 🙁

    But I guess she sounds nice anyway, 🙂

  20. rats_rox says:

    Purlease the snoopy dance – I am liking her less and less… Also I read the books all by myself aged 8 and understood it all, so she is not that wonderful!

  21. rosi posi dancer says:

    well maybe she is dislecsic, i have that and it is in my speach, reading and writing so she may have similar…. tht proberly y her mum red the books to her…. my mum red Lotr with me wen i was 8 and wiv her she made it more clear, even noe wen i read i make mistakes and don't get the story right…
    any way, i think she is good for the part…. apparantly 35% of the girls tht auditioned r not goin because they did not get the part!!!!!! how stupid

  22. Silverfist says:

    she looks pretty good for the part, i wish that sometime soon they will release some kind of trailer, or something. she's gotta sound right too, so i hope shes got that in her.

  23. aklebury says:

    QOUTE: "Also I read the books all by myself aged 8 and understood it all, so she is not that wonderful! "

    Woopee for you! Not to be cruel but so what if she read it with her mum? A lot of people like to do that regardless of their age. It doesnt make anyone any more wonderful or less wonderful.

  24. KittyKat: says:

    ~ She hops to her feet and does an adorable little shimmy for a few seconds, then giggles and sits back down. "That's the Snoopy dance. There's a lot more to it, though." ~
    Good God.
    I wish her luck though. I would have done so much more than a snoopy dance and screaming. I would have found a way to blow up the village (discreetly). :laughing:

  25. Pantailmon says:

    GO Dakota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being able to handle that is incredible.