Second Photo of Lyra?
Posted on by Ian

Thanks to Mockingbird on the forums who has reported that a further poster like photo, with a face on shot of Dakota Blue Richards and Nicole Kidman, has been posted on iMdb. It has not been verified by New Line, but it does appear genuine. It is supposedly taken from promotional material which has been sent to cinemas. Click the thumbnail to see it in full. Feel free to discuss this in the relevant thread on our forums. See the image in context here.

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131 Responses to Second Photo of Lyra?

  1. RachelJ says:

    hiya drama queen – where did you met Dakota? Are u involved with any of the filming?

  2. drama queen says:

    hi RachelJ,in the auditioning, we were next to each other in the line and in the same group.

  3. cheesey says:


    She just doesnt look right for me I don't really like her face, it doesn't really have the mischevious yet innocent quality to it and I don't like the curly hair.

  4. rosiposidancer says:

    cheesey, i agree with you, she is looks like a goody goody

  5. rosiposidancer says:

    hey peeps, i really want to see a live interview of dekota so we can all know the truth, if she is a good lyra or a bad lyra,

  6. vifetoile says:

    I'm sorry to say, but Miss Blue Richards is going to have to learn to protect herself against stalkers, and pedophiles, and truly appalling people. It's the life of an actor.
    I just hope that no one ever, ever harms her or does worse than the comment posted below. I really wish good for this girl…

    That said, I like Dakota Blue Richards' looks… her hair is probably lighter than seen in the picture. Notice how in this shot Nicole Kidman's hair is a golden blonde but in most pics it's platinum blonde.
    Don't panic, waiting fans! Be patient…

  7. ldsdawn says:

    kidman i think is going to be great
    dakota does not the way i thought she would but they proubly picked her for her acting i don't know if craig can do it just des not seem to be tough enough for me to belive

  8. cheesey says:

    I hate the way they say ENCOUNTERS shape shifting creatures – she has known them all her life!

    Still dont like her looks at all, and looks are half the character…

  9. RachelJ says:

    dramaqueen thats cool! R u still in touch?

  10. drama queen says:

    :laughing: rachelj, i am still in touch and did u go to the auditions

  11. dramaqueen says:

    and rachelj, i auditioned only because of the experience and i am a simple, basic Cambridge girl

  12. RachelJ says:

    Yh I only auditioned for the experience too! I never had any real intention of getting the part! To be honest I look NOTHING like Lyra or Dakota! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. drama queen says:

    rachle J, they told me that i was through to the second round but then i never heard from them scince!!!!!!!

  14. RachelJ says:

    really? I didn't even get that far! About sixty of us went in and only four got kept back – not including me! But obviously none of those four got very far either because none of them were Dakota!

  15. drama queen says:

    rachelj, have u dark hair then, i have a dark blonde

  16. RachelJ says:

    yep im a brunette!

  17. drama queen says:

    Rachel J, i am dark blond but a i am a bit too short, wot auditions did u go to, i went to Cambridge…

  18. cheesey says:

    loads of people thought that I looked like lyra and if they had held the auditions when they announced that there would be a film about 2 years ago when i started searching for auditions I would have stood a real chance but i was to old by the time the auditions came – 13 to be exact. (starts to cry)

  19. RachelJ says:

    drama queen I went to the Oxford auditions! And opposite to you – I like I was too tall! ๐Ÿ™‚ I waited for 3hrs!!! In the rain! How long did you wait?

  20. RachelJ says:

    *think, not like soz! :wassat:

  21. Willl says:

    To everyone in this thread: The next time a foul post like Paul Gadd's is made, could you email me directly please? (hover over my name for the address)

    It's much more constructive that bringing it up here. Please also don't then quote the offending material in your own post!

  22. Jorkey says:

    NOT Lyra, not how I imagine her! please dont.
    Nicole Kidaman looks okay tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. catherine says:

    sorry, (Willl) you probs mean me about the quoting thing – I was just so appalled! But you're right, it doesn't particularily help

  24. RachelJ says:

    drama queen …? ๐Ÿ™

  25. merCUry says:

    Well I don't want Kidman in this movie but she looks good for me in this photo,Dakota is very good choice,I don't have bad opinions about her……. :laughing:

  26. campioni says:

    um… buoni, realmente buoni luogo e molto utile;)

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  28. p@trik byrnison says:

    shes not how i originaly saw lyra but she does live up to many descriptions. dakota has definatley grown on me as iv seen all her head shots and such. but maybe we need someone a little more ruff looking.

    i still think shell do her role fantasticly tho. i say congrats to dakota! ๐Ÿ˜€

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