New crew members join the Golden Compass
Posted on by Kinders

Kyra from the forums spotted that some new crew members have joined the team working on the film adaptation of The Golden Compass. Nick Davis (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Troy and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, among many other commercial successes) will be the visual effects supervisor; Monty L. Simons (Collateral, Spider-Man 2, Hellboy) joins as the stunt co-ordinator (for “pre-vis, motion capture sequence”, according to IMDB); and Sara Romilly (Monster-in-Law, Blade, The Cell) arrives as post-production supervisor. It's all looking interestingly commercial…

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Amateur comic strip artist, photographer and musician; wannabe author and film director; actual web 2.0 nerd and social butterfly. I've been visiting Bridge to the Stars and its forum, the Republic of Heaven, on and off since 2003, when I began making a short documentary about the His Dark Materials trilogy.
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71 Responses to New crew members join the Golden Compass

  1. mickoin says:

    Hey – seriously – I had no idea that they were making a movie – and after film school was thinking of adapting it for the screen myself. Having found it had already been done – at first I was dissapointed, but now am rejoicing – because I still may have a chance to work on the crew – I dont know – but tell me any one, how would I go about doing so…
    just for a grips position i mean

  2. Kinders says:

    "Wow. You've done your homework, haven't you, Kinders?"

    Yes, I'm going to put my shoes on my knees and buy a sardine and then audition for Tony Makarios.

  3. Wytchbabi says:

    when i first read HDM i tried writing the script! i read it now and it kinda sux. you should probably try to contact the people at New Line Cinema, mickoin.

    Kinders, that's cool! why don't you want to audition for Will tho? don't all the guy fans out there?

  4. Kinders says:

    Hah, I remember when I had urges to direct the film; never wanted to be in it. I'd be too old and dark-haired and ugly anyway. I think most of us are content to leave the whole thing well alone now.

  5. mickoin says:

    not me 🙂 I want in still! :tongue:

  6. Wytchbabi says:

    ME TOO!!! 🙂 🙁 :angry: :crying:

  7. kyrabelacqua says:

    ME FIVE!!! 😉
    I swear, all I can think about is HDM!
    I can't even sleep at night anymore!
    It's so frustrating!
    *curses herself for being Australian, because chances are they'll only want a Briton*

  8. Wytchbabi says:

    Don't beat yourself up, all u have to do is get to the auditions on time. just keep a sharp eye out and save up a lot of money for a plane ticket.

  9. Alewyn says:

    First when I read the series I wanted to be Lyra. Then there was a LONG period of time when I wanted to be the screenwriter (I even started my version of the script). And then I wanted to be Lyra. After that I laughed at myself and decided that New Line would allow a thirteen-year-old to direct any day. And now…now I don't know, I think I'm aiming for screenwriter still 😉

  10. Wytchbabi says:

    don't give up!!!! your mind maketh your reality. if you believe in something strongly enough, it'll happen. of course, you can't just sit there and wish (that would be SWEET tho), you have to do something about it yourself. but wishing and hoping helps.

  11. Wytchbabi says:

    that's actually pretty much how you do spells. You know, doing spells actually gets you in touch with DUST!!! same with any type of divination. believe me. why do you think my name's Wytchbabi?

  12. Le-ah says:

    I first found out they were making a movie when I was 11 and I cried. And then I wanted to be in it and now I'm 16 and too old and tall. Bah

  13. Wytchbabi says:

    i know what u mean. i'm 15 now and i'm worrying that i'm too old, but at least i'm pretty short.

  14. kyrabelacqua says:

    How short is short, Wytchbabi?
    I'm 13, and I want to audition, but I think I might be too tall – 5'1''. AND I'm worried that I'm too old, as well. Because I can pass as 11 or 12, but they might want a girl who is actually that age. I'd say I'll be 14 already when they start filming the movie!

  15. Wytchbabi says:

    short is 5'3". that's fairly short for 15. this is where "your mind maketh your reality" comes in. I wanted to be kinda short so i'd have more of a chance at the part, so i concentrated on being short. and here i am. if concentration works on your height, imaging what it can do for your more lofty ambitions!

  16. Wytchbabi says:

    i think 5'1" is pretty accurate for Lyra.

  17. kyrabelacqua says:

    I would REALLY like to know how you managed to do that…. :wassat:
    Wytchbabi, are you on the forum?

  18. harry says:

    hey guys… i've been looking at your messages and i dont mean to burst your bubble but they dont want an actress under 16 for legal reasons. sorry!

  19. Wytchbabi says:

    That Ain't Gunna Stop ME!!! ha ha!

    no, i'm not on the forum. i dunno how it works. i'm a tad stupid when it comes to computers.

    how i managed to be short? like i keep saying, Your Mind Maketh Your Reality. have you ever seen What The Bleep Do We Know? life-changing movie the way HDM is life-changing. seriously.

  20. Kinders says:

    How does harry know? harry, I suspect, is just speculating. They'll have a hard job finding a 16+year-old to play a prepubescent girl for several years. They hired underage kids for Potter; they'll do it for this.

    (The bubblebursting comes because these folks are all too old.)

  21. Willl says: